I like doing collage things, I like cutting flowers and portraits and stick them together. 

I like doing this because I like nature, I think human can get along with nature.

Green From Eyes

won the 56 Creative Quarterly runner-up

I like different kinds of history, ancient cultures. One of them is greek, also this is a feedback after I saw the ancient exhibition in ROM.

Greek Memory

After heard a song called "thank u next", I thought about my past love, I found I grew up and I changed a lot, so I should say goodbye to the ex and I am going to meet future. past things are on a piece of paper.

Past Next

Guilty Pleasure

I got this idea after heard a song called different world, from Alan walker. 

The earth is very important to human, so we need to protect it. Although we already did a lot of pollution, we still need to clean.

Different World

one of my graphic novel called cactus love. which is basic on my experience about a boy.

Cactus Love

experience of me

Broken Heart

grandpa is very important for me,i remember he grew a lot of fruits and vegetables, this is also his dream. he passed away when I just came to canada, I did this to memorize him.

Grandpa's Dream

Chicken Church post card

I do celebration illustration every canada day, raptors won the champion and also I beaver and racoon are very famous in canada. The girl in the background whose hair extend to a canadian map.

Canada Day 2019

Canada Day 2018

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